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What Can Happen If You Delay Foundation Repair

The foundation of your property is what keeps your house standing strong. If your foundation is old and damaged, your entire home’s integrity and safety are at risk. A house with a weak foundation won’t be able to withstand any unforeseen calamity like an earthquake. Therefore, if you suspect that there are problems with your foundation that need attention, you shouldn’t delay them at all. The sooner you get foundation problems repaired, the safer your property will be.

However, foundation repair is extremely costly, which is why most homeowners keep delaying it. If you can’t decide if you should hire a professional foundation repair company just yet, continue reading this blog post for a list of consequences that can happen if you keep delaying getting a foundation repair.

1. Foundation Settling

The settling of the foundation is usually the first thing that happens if your property’s foundation is compromised. Foundations are continually moving and changing place. As a result of constant movements underground, the foundation can become uneven or sink into the ground. This may be evident in crooked door frames and unleveled floors. Not getting timely foundation repair can worsen the sinking or settling and even result in the doors and windows to stop working smoothly.

2. Plumbing Problems

Delaying getting foundation repairs can lead to serious plumbing problems. Houses with beam and pier foundations, the underground plumbing lines can get intertwined with the foundation and get into your home. As with the slab foundations, plumbing issues can take place under the slabs, and you won’t even know unless the issues become aggravated – like serious water damage! Therefore, if you suspect foundation problems, get them fixed before the foundation cracks, and the plumbing line bursts inside your home!

3. Rodent Infestations

One of the grossest consequences of delaying foundation repair is rodent infestation. If your foundation is cracked, it can allow a gateway for the insects and rodents from under the ground to get inside your home. A rodent infestation doesn’t just sound gross but is extremely unhealthy. We’re sure that’s something nobody would want!

4. Mold and Mildew Growth

Another serious problem that can arise if you don’t get your foundation repaired on time is mold and mildew growth. A cracked foundation allows water to seep through into the crawl spaces. The accumulation of water under the ground serves as the ideal breeding ground for the mold and mildew. Mold grows and spreads rapidly, and can lead to serious health issues for you and your loved ones. The worst part about mold and mildew growth beneath your home’s foundation is that you won’t know about it until it has become too widespread.


A strong foundation is the basis of a safe and sound property. If your foundation’s integrity is compromised, your house isn’t really a safe place to live, especially if you live in an active earthquake zone. To make sure that there are no problems with the foundation of your property, it’s a good idea to hire professionals for a periodic foundation inspection and timely foundation repairs.