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4 Common Signs of Foundation Problems

The structural integrity of your house is directly dependent on the strength of your foundation. Any possible problem in your house can cause serious damage to the overall structure of your house. Your home is an expensive investment and taking its care should be your priority.

A well-maintained house has greater chances of fetching a good price in the market in case of a sale. On the other hand, a house riddled with basic foundation problems struggles to get sold. This is why it is important to get your foundation problems resolved by a professional as soon as you identify them.

How can you identify such problems, you might ask. In this article, we’ll point out some signs that indicate that the health of your foundation is not well. Have a look at them:

Common Signs that Indicate Foundation Problems

1. Foundation Sinking

If any part of your house is sinking, it may be a sign of a foundation problem. To deal with this issue, the professionals may advise the installation of foundation piers. The contractor will probably dig under your house and place the piers that will support the foundation. On average, it costs a little more than $1,000 per pier. An average house has around eight to 10 piers. The final estimate of the cost of the installation pier can be made once a contractor finds out how many piers need to be installed.

2. Foundation Cracks

Almost every other house faces the problem of foundation cracks. The gaps on your floor are a common sign of this problem. These cracks appear when your house structure experiences foundation movements. This movement can be due to various reasons, but when the foundation shifts, it develops tiny cracks. Foundation cracks that are over 1/8″ wide can be repaired by using flexible epoxy injections. The cost of these injections is $620 per 10-foot crack. If you can measure the length of each crack in your house and total them, you can easily find out the total cost required to repair foundation cracks.

3. Heaved Concrete

Your foundation can face the problem of heaved concrete. In this case, your foundation will move upward, creating more cracks in your structure. To get rid of this problem, your contractor might recommend house-leveling. This will cost you around $1200 on average.

4. Sealing

Another common problem that you may incur is that of sealing. The soil underneath the moisture can cause the water to seep in through the foundation. Also, other problems like clogged drains or broken downspouts, etc., can cause the problem of sealing. The best way to get rid of this problem is to seal the foundation with a tar-like substance. The cost of basement sealing and waterproofing is somewhere between $1,900 and $6,000.


Foundation problems mean that the entire structure of your house is at risk of collapse. To save yourself from some exceptional loss, get these problems fixed at the earliest. Even though the repair cost is on the higher side, it is not prudent to delay fixing the foundation.