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foundation repair utah

Signs of foundation damage

There are some signs that are indicative of immediate foundation repairs. Some of these signs include;

Sloping and uneven floors:  gently walk around your home to identify places where the floor slopes or feel the floor if it’s even under your feet. To notice hard-to-see areas, use a simple ball. Check outside to find out if you will notice if your home is showing any sign of slope.

Trouble opening/closing doors and windows –hard-to-close doors and windows indicators of foundation damage. Thoroughly check if you will notice doors that are difficult to open or close. Also, find out if you will notice cracks in the windows or doors.

Noticeable cracks larger than 1/4" thick – generally some cracks are due to minor home settling on the soil below the slab. Check the crack to be sure that it’s due to settling. If the crack is as a result of foundation damage, it will measure over 1/4" marks, resulting from foundation movement. Note that when a crack appears on a drywall it means the foundation is shifting. Most often these cracks appear near the door and in areas where the wall meets the ceiling.

Bulged walls repair

The extent and severity of a budging problem, as well as the location in the foundation wall, presents the most difficult obstacle to builders. To repair this, the bulging area can be completely removed for rebuilding. This should be done by a team of experts in Utah because shoring has to be used to support the building. Therefore don’t fail to consult our team of experts at Lifting Utah Company.

Loose stones and missing mortar repairs

Take out lose stones and replace them with fresh mortar. This process requires a lot of caution, therefore you will need to consult your experts at Utah for assistance, and they have the expertise to determine critical support areas in the foundation. They can easily identify the loose stones that carry beams and other loads.

Why foundation repair in Utah?

Almost every homeowner dreads foundation repair because of it’s a big deal that is expensive.  The truth is the foundation is what supports and holds your intact home. Once your foundation is weak, your entire home is affected. Therefore it’s very important to always assess the foundation of your house to make sure everything is Ok.

To properly have this done, you need to hire an expert from the Concrete Lifting Utah Company to assist you. Once your home is built, the foundation depreciates over time if regular maintenance is not done. Water leakage, loose stones, mortar tuning into the sand and bulging walls are signs that the foundation is weak.  

However, it’s very hard to detect foundation damage because the real damage can only be detected by experienced engineers. Only engineers can distinguish between serious foundation damage and ordinary crack on a brick. Therefore as a homeowner, you can’t actually determine the level of foundation damage; so, you need an engineer in Utah to thoroughly inspect your foundation for regular maintenance.