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Got a Concrete Patio Sink? Here Is How to Lift the Patio

After a hard day or week, relaxing on your concrete patio is ideal. Those pleasant moments may turn into a stressful balancing act if your outdoor concrete patio seems to be sinking. It becomes increasingly difficult to rest in a chair that can’t seem to remain balanced when the concrete slabs that make up the patio begin to sink to various levels.

It’s normal to have an uneven patio, and it’s simply a part of having one. Your sinking patio’s hefty concrete slabs are continuously exerting pressure on the earth underneath them. As a result, the earth settles or sinks, allowing voids to develop underneath it. Additional weight from almost anything, even daily usage, can hasten this process, and there isn’t much you can do about it as a property owner. Just be mindful that the concrete slabs would need to be removed and leveled at some point.

Groundwater shifting the soil under the thick concrete patio slabs, which would also begin to create voids, is another frequent cause of sinking patios. These voids are considerably more vulnerable to fast soil degradation and the growth of existing voids. Because of the absence of underlying soil support underneath the concrete, the concrete slabs are far more prone to fracture.

Tripping Hazard

You may not consider the gradual settling and sinking of concrete patios to be a major issue. You may believe that there are more urgent problems that need your attention and upkeep money than uneven outdoor concrete surfaces. That may be true, but consider the possible expense of medical or legal costs before making a decision regarding home remodeling priorities. Injury caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain the standard for concrete surfaces may result in costly medical bills and legal action. Allowing tripping hazards to remain on your property is a bad idea. To prevent anything terrible from occurring on your watch, have them repaired as soon as possible.

Decrease in Home Value and Curb Appeal

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your home, you’ve undoubtedly seen other people’s yards or front porches and patios deteriorating. Don’t pass judgment on your neighbors’ sloppy upkeep management. Something comparable may be on the way for your home sooner than expected. Living in a climate like Utah’s means your home or properties are subject to shifting circumstances. Concrete patios, porches, driveways, and pathways do not fare well in such circumstances.

Your concrete patio is just a matter of time until it sinks or settles. Sinking patio concrete surfaces can impact the value of your home. Not to mention that they are an eyesore for you and everyone who passes by your house on foot or by car. This isn’t the kind of image you want to create with your house if you’re like millions of other proud homeowners.

With precisely flat concrete surfaces, you may make your house the envy of the community. Don’t make your visitors second-guess going over to the patio for a get-together. The exterior of the home isn’t the only thing that leaves an impression. Maintain all of your concrete surfaces and call in professionals to repair any tilted, sinking, or settling concrete patios.

Make a Professional Call

Your concrete surfaces will deteriorate over time. That is a proven fact! Environmental conditions will also make it difficult to maintain them appearing fresh. Whether it’s due to severe rains washing away soil from under the surface or the simple incidence of sunken and settling concrete slabs over time as a result of weight pressing down, the sinking patio, settling concrete, or slanted walkways will need to be leveled or raised at some point.

Utah Concrete Lifting is Utah’s most trusted concrete lifting service for all of your concrete leveling requirements. Please contact us for a free estimate if your patio has been acting strangely recently. We will reach your property at once to restore it to its former glory. Our professionals and painless procedure will make you wonder why you didn’t contact us sooner.