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What Is Concrete Lifting?

Does a part of your concrete driveways or floors sag over time or by sudden pressure? Before they become large sinkholes and potentially dangerous for you, it is better to find a solution for this. People usually think that concrete sagging is due to bad quality materials or not good and compact constructions. To some extent, they are right because these are some of the reasons why the ground sags; however, it can also happen in due time.

Concrete sagging is quite common, and so is its solution: concrete lifting. It is best to detect a sagging or uneven surface and take immediate action to level the ground. The concrete lifters can do this lifting for you. However, before hiring anyone, one must understand the process of concrete lifting and how it helps you.

What is Concrete Lifting?

To level up the sagging and uneven parts of your concrete pathways or the basement floors, you need a repairing technique. The technique is called concrete lifting or mud jacking, slab jacking, or poly jacking, depending upon the material you use to lift up the concrete.

There are two materials that are injected into the affected areas to lift them up. The first is Polyurethane, known as poly jacking, and the other material is a mixture of Portland cement and sand; when you inject this material, it is known as mud jacking.

How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

The concrete lifting does not require any heavy lifting or machinery to level the concrete in your pathway. The repairing is simple and only involves taking care of the area until the material dries.

Firstly, the concrete levelers are hired to inspect the area that needs leveling. On the day of work, they drill holes in the area that is uneven. Then they place the injection ports where the holes were made. After that, Polyurethane or mud is injected from these ports to uplift the ground. Finally, when it is of the same level as the rest of the good concrete area, the worker patches up the holes.

The material under the surface is wet and needs some days to dry; the concrete lifters recommend the time period during which no one is allowed to put weight in that area. Once it is dry, the concrete is compact and ready to bear weight.

Advantages of Concrete Lifting

There are many advantages of getting a concrete lift; these are mentioned below.


Compared to changing the whole slab of concrete or making a pathway or floor just to get rid of some uneven surface levels, concrete lifting is a lot cheaper.

No Heavy Machinery

The only tool required is a drill to poke some holes and then injection ports; both are not heavy and do not utilize energy.

Strong And Durable

There are chances that it could sink even if you get a new concrete surface. So the money spent on it would also go down the drain. The smart way to go about this is using the option of concrete lifting because Polyurethane and cement are both strong and sturdy. The materials can survive all pressure on them.