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5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Front Porch!

Your front porch might seem like an ordinary and boring spot in your home. However, you can use it for almost anything! It can even be used as an extended living room, or an office.  

Most people find this space of the house very relaxing.  We mean, who wouldn’t? If you have a comfortable loveseat made from willow tree branches and a laptop computer on the legs, you can feel the epitome of ease and comfort.  If you’re a freelance writer, your porch can be an ideal spot for you to get some creative ideas flowing through your brain!

You can have your friends visit you anytime of the day, and nothing can be more fun and exciting than sitting with them on the porch in the evening and watching fireflies light everything up!

However, you should be thoughtful about your front porch and not be abusive when it comes to it. A person may unintentionally become abusive towards their front porch if they are likely to spend too much of their time there.  There can be so many loopholes in your behavior when it comes to maintaining and taking care of your porch.

Here are some rules that you should set so that you are not violating your front porch in Utah!

Rule # 1: Throw Away the Things That Are Not Needed!

Your porch is not a spot where you can place your useless, old kitchen appliances or your worn out boots. People often have something or the other that they want to fix or get fixed but they tend to just leave it sitting on the porch. This way, things keep sitting on the porch and never really get any attention thereafter.  People often keep a pile of old newspapers sitting on their porch as well as old flyers in a dilemma between throwing and not throwing them in the garbage.

You should not let idle things sit on your porch. Donate it right away or get it fixed if you have to do that.  

Rule # 2: Dress for Success Even On Your Porch

Many people treat their porch as literally an extension to their bedroom, and hence they won’t be embarrassed to show up in their night gown or shorts.  Why? Because although they might not feel that they are being watched, they actually are!

You shouldn’t wear something on your porch if you are afraid you will have heads turning towards you if you wear the same thing elsewhere – in a bad way!

Rule # 3: Make Your Porch a Welcoming Space!

Add a comfy sofa, a loveseat, a tea table, vases etc, to make your space look ever-so-welcoming! Your front porch in Utah should look warm and inviting.

Rule # 4: Take Down Your Holiday Decorations Timely!

Your decorations from Halloween and Christmas should be taken down within a span of 30 days from when they end.

Rule # 5:  Don’t Drag Your TV Outside

Your porch is not your private spot. It is exposed to the public so you shouldn’t publicize your TV watching habits .

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If you have a front porch, you’re lucky! Why? Because there are just so many things you can do with it. This blog will tell you some do’s and don’ts.