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porch lifting leveling utah

Pretty porch floor leveling contributes to the attraction of your porch. Most often we upgrade our house neglecting the porch part of it. Most often we neglect to repairs our sinking porches and instead concentrate on repairing other parts of our home. Though we neglect the repair of this part of our homes, they are the key places for relaxation and unwinding.

Porches are very important like any other part of the home because they are the entryway to our home.  To improve the curb appeal of our home as they display the design and architecture tone, thus adding the home’s value. It’s really a grievous problem when our porch starts to sink. There are several affordable methods we can use to upgrade our front porch. However, we need to understand them to ease our job.

It’s not really difficult our professionally trained technicians at Concrete Lifting Utah Company will assist to do the job perfectly right for you.

Causes of porch damage

Porch sinking is caused by soil erosion resulting from poor drainage. Porch sinking does not only reduce your home’s curb appeal but it poses safety risk hazards to those staying in the house. Most often the soil around the foundation collapses due to poor compaction when back-filling was done.  Poor soil compaction results in future settling of concrete flat-work within the foundation. When the porch settles, drainage may be directed towards the house, increasing the moisture content of the house.

To repair this, Polyurethane foam can be sprayed to the underlining soils to fill void spaces, to remove moisture and raise and seal off the foundation from continuous exposure to erosion and settling. Engineers at Concrete Lifting Utah Company have all the experience and expertise to assist you to correct the grade and to solve the water drainage problem of your porch to prevent future sinking or settling. Hire them now for porch lifting and leveling.


Porch inspection

Before you proceed with the porch repairing process, you need to thoroughly inspect the foundation, joists, ledger board, and trim boards. Look through the ledger board to see if you can if it needs to be replaced.   Also, check for voids, or settling that needs to be raised.

The next step is to check joints to see if the wood is decaying or rotting. If the joints are bad, you need to replace them. Ensure the stonework is still solid and not leaning. To do any stone repair you need the expertise of technicians from the Concrete Lifting Utah Company.

It’s very expensive to install a new porch on an old rotting frame. Therefore your porch’s frame should be suitable for new flooring.

You will also need to check the rim board to know if they have to be replaced. Frequent exposure of rim boards to weather cause rapid deterioration. You can cover rim boards with rim joist covers made from PVC.

Lastly, determine the number of overhangs that needs to be replaced

To determine all these, hire engineers at Concrete Lifting Utah Company to effectively do an inspection for you. Utah has professionals who are competent and very prompt to get the job done in a professional way.