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Lifting vs. Replacement: Why Concrete Lifting Is Often the Better Choice

When faced with sunken or uneven concrete surfaces, the decision to repair or replace can be daunting. On one hand, replacement seems like a comprehensive solution, while on the other, concrete lifting offers a quicker and more cost-effective alternative. Let’s dive into the reasons why concrete lifting often emerges as the preferred choice.

The Case for Concrete Lifting


Concrete lifting is notably more budget-friendly than replacement. The process requires fewer materials and less labor, resulting in significant cost savings.

Minimal Disruption

Replacing concrete involves extensive demolition and removal, causing disruption to your property. Concrete lifting, however, is minimally invasive. It requires only small holes for injection, causing minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

Quick Turnaround

Concrete replacement can take days to weeks, impacting your daily routines. In contrast, concrete lifting is swift, typically completed within hours. You regain access to your surfaces promptly.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Concrete replacement generates waste and requires new materials. Concrete lifting repurposes existing materials, reducing environmental impact and waste generation.

Preserving Aesthetics

Concrete lifting preserves the aesthetics of your property. The process restores your surfaces to their original level, maintaining the visual appeal without the need for extensive reconstruction.

The Replacement Route

While replacement is suitable for severely damaged or deteriorated concrete, it’s generally more time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive. In cases where the concrete is irreparable, replacement becomes the logical choice.

FAQ Section

What is the difference between concrete lifting and replacement?

Concrete lifting involves injecting a specialized grout mixture beneath sunken concrete to raise it to its original level. Replacement, on the other hand, entails removing the existing concrete and pouring new concrete in its place.

How long does a concrete lifting process typically take?

A concrete lifting process is typically completed within a few hours, offering a quick turnaround compared to the days or weeks required for replacement.

Is concrete lifting a lasting solution?

Yes, when performed by professionals like us, concrete lifting offers a lasting and durable solution. The materials used are engineered to withstand time and maintain the structural integrity of the concrete.

Why choose Utah Concrete Lifting for concrete lifting projects?

Utah Concrete Lifting brings extensive experience and a proven track record to concrete lifting projects. Our team utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to ensure efficient and effective results that stand the test of time.

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When it comes to sunken or uneven concrete surfaces, Utah Concrete Lifting is your partner in decision-making. We possess the expertise, technology, and dedication required to provide top-tier service that surpasses your expectations. Don’t let the dilemma of repair or replace overwhelm you – give us a call at 801-396-0391 or visit our website to request a consultation. Let’s restore your concrete surfaces with the smarter choice: concrete lifting!