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Why Is DIY Concrete Lifting a Bad Idea?

Concrete pavements, sidewalks, walkways, and decks enhance the appeal of any property. Not only do they make the property look tidier and attractive, but they also reduce the risk of tripping, hence improving the safety of the concrete surface. However, cracked or unleveled concrete surfaces are entirely the opposite. They look bad and pose a serious tripping hazard.

Concrete lifting is done to harmonize the level of all sunken concrete slabs and make them appear uniform. However, concrete lifting can be costly, depending upon the size of the area that needs to be treated. In an attempt to save money, people try DIY concrete lifting, but guess what? It is a really bad idea! To know why DIY concrete lifting isn’t recommended, continue reading this blog post!

1. You Can’t Identify the Root Cause

You might be able to lift the sunken concrete slab successfully, but what you might not be able to do is identify the root cause. The result of doing the job yourself will be your concrete slab sinking again after a while. The problem can arise due to a number of possible reasons, and if the root cause isn’t identified and fixed, it won’t do you any good in the long run. A concrete lifting professional will not only repair your concrete slabs but will also fix the underlying cause, hence preventing any future damages.

2. Wastage of Money

You might think that by doing DIY concrete lifting, you’re actually saving money, but this isn’t true. You will have to do the repair work every now and then (since the root cause isn’t fixed), which is only going to cost you a lot. Hiring a professional might seem expensive, but it is a one-time expense that will go a long way!

3. You Need Specialized Tools

Concrete lifting is a highly technical job that makes use of specialized tools like a hydraulic pump and concrete drill. These tools are very expensive. DIY concrete lifting is a bad idea because to be able to do it yourself, you’ll need these tools and many other supplies, which is going to cost you a lot. However, when you’re hiring a professional concrete lifter, their charges are inclusive of everything, and hence, it is a more cost-effective and reliable option!

4. No Guaranteed Results

DIY concrete lifting methods are not as reliable as professional techniques. The results cannot be compared to what you’ll get if you hire a professional to do the job. A professional concrete lifting company will use the right tools, right materials, and the right techniques. The right companies will also offer you a service guarantee of up to several years. In case of DIY concrete lifting, you just can’t expect guaranteed results.


DIY concrete lifting doesn’t give reliable results. Not only does it cost more than hiring a professional in the long run, but it also comes with a lot of hassle, frustration, and a waste of time. To save yourself from all the trouble, hire a professional concrete lifting company, and get the job done right!