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concrete leveling utah

The technique used in building and repairing sunken or tilted concrete slab is referred to as a concrete leveling. Concrete leveling involves the creation of small holes in particular areas where grout polyurethane compound will be injected into.

Normally the concrete slab is elevated to reach its original height. Concrete leveling is cheaper because it is affordable. You spend less time to repair the damage portion of the concrete slab.

Once you have installed the equipment for operation, the concrete leveling process takes only hours. Lifting can enable you to get your original slab.

Several factors need to be considered to cause tough concrete materials to settle down. However, it’s preferable to fix the problem immediately, not to create another problem. When the concrete slab is uneven, it becomes unattractive and may cause minor or major accidents in residential and commercial places, roadways and warehouses.

To ensure proper compaction of soil, which will prevent your concrete slab from sinking or tilting, hire professionally trained technicians from the Concrete Lifting Utah Company. They have the world’s experts to create a solid foundation that can support any weight above the ground.

Steps in building a concrete foundation

Soil Inspection

Before you start any work, you have to check the soil. To construct a solid foundation, you need to know the soil type and its condition. The chances of future instability are high when inspection is ignored or not properly done. Concrete Lifting Utah’s engineers have the expertise and experienced needed to carry out a perfect soil inspection process.


Excavating and Grading Process

Waste material in construction soil interferes with the slope leveling process. During this process, waste materials that can obstruct construction of a foundation like; rocks, pebbles, small stones, twigs, roots etc are removed from the soil to make it smooth.  Utah technicians have all the advanced technology and tools required to perfectly excavate your slope.


Building the foundation

This involves the installation of footings.  Your foundation type would be determined by your soil type.  Reinforcing with concrete simply adds strength and makes the foundation resistant to cracks.  Check to ensure that there are no air pockets that can result in cracks in the foundation, after pouring the concrete. The footings should be sealed with a high-quality sealer. Utah’s technicians and engineers are very cautious and have the expertise required to successfully construct the best quality foundation. They can perfectly mix your concrete to give the best result that can avoid future cracks.


Finishing touch

This step involves leveling and smoothing the layer of the foundation. Tools used during finishing are hand float, trowel, edger and hand groover etc. Normally another sealer like acrylic-based sealers is added to remove the remaining moisture. Concrete Lifting Utah’s technicians are reputed for customizing foundation according to the characteristics of the soil and clients requirements. They will perfectly do the job to ensure that your foundation is strong for the future.