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Top Methods of Concrete Repair

Concrete is a strong, durable, and affordable structural material, often employed in developing walls and pathways. However, shoddy workmanship can cause structural problems in the concrete surfaces, leading to cracks and crevices and requiring repairs. In such cases, hiring qualified constructors will always work in your favor as they are well-trained and experienced to fix constructional issues in next to no time. Here are the most effective methods that certified contractors usually use to repair concrete roads, sideways, etc.

1.    The Dry-Pack Method

This method is usually used in filling holes or cracks in new concrete surfaces that have a depth equal to or greater than the diameter of the surface. The dry-pack mix usually consists of 1-part Portland cement and 2 1/2 –parts sand thoroughly mixed with water. Consistency is key here. Add enough water to turn the pack into a mortar that is neither too thick nor too thin. It should be sticky enough to spread evenly in the holes or cracks.

2.    Synthetic Bonding

One of the most modern developments in concrete repair is the use of synthetic materials for fixing concrete surfaces. Generally, epoxy-resin patches are used as they offer long-lasting strength to the old concrete. Once the epoxy-resin mortar is applied to an affected surface, it’s neatly brushed throughout to create a smooth and even elevation.

3.    Preplaced Aggregate Concrete (PAC)

Preplaced aggregate concrete (PAC) is usually used in repairing massive concrete structures. The process usually consists of removing the damaged concrete first and then creating sections that need to be repaired. Once that’s done, the damaged area is prepacked with coarse aggregate. Using a cement or sand plus cement mortar, the aggregated area is pressure grouted. This is an extensively time-consuming procedure that is best done by professionals.

4.    Concrete Replacement

Concrete replacement should be considered when the deteriorated concrete exceeds 6 inches or more. In other words, this method should be opted for when the damage is beyond repair. In this scenario, typical concrete replacement methods should be used. The new concrete should be tied down with existing reinforcing steel so to ensure the repair is more effective and long-lasting. Again, this type of repair demands the assistance of a professional who has expertise in concrete engineering.

5.    Replacement with Concrete Slabs

In this concrete repair method, the damaged concrete is replaced with new concrete slabs. However, most construction workers prefer attaching the new slab with the old one using an intensifying bond coat made from equal amounts of sand and cement. This is considered to be far more effective and durable than completely replacing the affected slab.

These top methods of concrete repair are best performed by experienced and skilled workers. If you are on the lookout for the best concrete repair professionals, click here.