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What is mud jacking?

Mud jacking, also known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, and slab leveling, is an easy and inexpensive technique that is perfect for fixing certain settlement issues with your concrete. It is the process of lifting concrete slabs that have settled by drilling holes through them. Then a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement called mud or slurry is pumped beneath the settling slab to lift it. The mixture cures to create a solid, stable fill that stabilizes the slab back to its original location.

When used to repair a settling home foundation, mud jacking is a professional job that requires using special equipment. All work should be done by a trained contractor who has expert knowledge of local soil conditions and their requirements.

Mud jacking has two primary applications for repairing a foundation:

Fill Voids: Foundation problems are usually caused by the perimeter of the foundation settling. A foundation contractor will level settled sections of a foundation with push piers. When the piers are installed under the perimeter grade beam and the foundation is raised, it creates a void under the slab. Mud jacking fills the empty space beneath the footing created by this lifting. The foundation contractor uses mud jacking to fill this void by drilling 2″ holes through the perimeter grade beam and pumping a mixture of soil/cement mud into the void.

Raising Interior Floors: Sometime the interior portion of the slab foundation settles. Mud jacking is one method used to return the interior floors to their original position. Mud jacking to raise interior floors is done using the same process: drilling 2″ holes through the slab in the areas that have settled and pumping a mixture of slurry underneath the concrete, lifting the slab back to position.