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7 Advantages of PolyLEVEL Concrete Lifting

Most of the people seldom consider getting their concrete surfaces leveled when getting property-wide maintenance. Concrete jobs are only considered when a concrete surface becomes too cracked or settles too low and start to pose a serious trip hazard. If your concrete driveway has settled low and has started to look unappealing and old, it’s probably time for you to consider getting your concrete driveway leveled.

There are several concrete lifting and leveling techniques that concrete contractors employ. Among all of them, PolyLEVEL concrete lifting is considered the best. If you want to know what advantages PolyLEVEL concrete lifting has over other concrete lifting methods, then read on.

1. PolyLEVEL Is Light In Weight

One of the major reasons why a concrete slab settles is because the underlying soil settles under the weight of concrete and external forces over the concrete surface. The biggest advantage of PolyLEVEL concrete lifting over other concrete lifting methods is that it’s light in weight. It weighs only 4 to 6 pounds/ cubic feet as compared to 120 pounds/cubic foot in case of the typical filling material. Therefore, it doesn’t put excessive stress on the supporting soil underneath and is less likely to settle in the future.

2. Accurate Lift

Another advantage of PolyLEVEL concrete lifting is the accuracy and precision of the lifting operation. This allows for a precise and targeting lift, and hence, delivers much better results as compared to other concrete lifting procedures.

3. Greater Lift Capacity

Unlike the typical mudjacking procedure, the PolyLEVEL lifting is based on the expansion mechanism of the polymer itself. The expansion capacity is much higher than the other fill materials that make it possible to lift much heavier loads more effectively.

4. PolyLEVEL Is Waterproof

The biggest enemy of concrete is the winter season. Concrete is greatly impacted by freezing and thawing cycles. This is where PolyLEVEL concrete lifting takes the win. PolyLEVEL is waterproof and hence, is not affected by the devastating effects of freezing and thawing. Moreover, it can be used to stop under-slab and infrastructure leaks as well.

5. Non-Invasive

PolyLEVEL concrete lifting is a non-invasive technique for lifting concrete. It can be done through the smallest access points. It does not require any excessive drilling. It is relatively less messy. In short, it is a lot quicker and neater concrete lifting technique.

6. Quick Curing

Concrete curing can take up to as long as 2 days to cure. During this time, you can’t walk over the surface or drive your car over it. However, one of the biggest benefits of PolyLEVEL concrete lifting is that it has a short cure time. It gets cured in just 15 minutes and makes for heavy loading almost immediately.

7. Consolidates Soil

What makes the PolyLEVEL concrete lifting the best possible concrete lifting technique is its beneficial effect on the supporting soil. When we say it expands drastically, it doesn’t only do so upwards but downwards too. This way, it not only raises the concrete slab but also applies pressure on the underlying soil and fills and voids.


There are numerous benefits of PolyLEVEL concrete lifting make it one of the best techniques to opt for a concrete lifting job at your property. Having the right concrete professionals to do the job will ensure that the job is done right!