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5 Reasons Why Concrete Lifting Is Important

Settled slabs aren’t uncommon. They are a common occurrence where there are concrete surfaces, especially in the driveways and sidewalks. Settled slabs not only affect the aesthetics of a property but also pose safety risks. Concrete lifting is a common method employed to repair a settled slab.

Concrete slabs settle due to a number of reasons such as shifting of soil beneath the surface of the slab, rain, and similar conditions. People often do not take the problem of concrete settling seriously and often trip due to uneven surfaces. Concrete lifting is important property maintenance work that shouldn’t be delayed. The reasons why concrete lifting is important have been listed down below.

1.      Safety

The primary reason why you should get concrete lifting work done as soon as possible is the safety aspect of it. As mentioned earlier, concrete slab settling creates uneven surfaces that can become a serious tripping hazard. You or any member of your family may trip over these uneven surfaces and get hurt. Moreover, if any guests get hurt by tripping over a settled slab, an undesirable liability issue will be created on your property, which is something you would want to avoid in any case.

2.      It Will Worsen Over Time

If a concrete slab has settled somewhere in your property, it will only worsen with time. To prevent it from worsening, you must get concrete lifting done. The process of leveling concrete takes only a few hours. The surface will be ready for use in just an hour after completion. Instead of waiting to get it fixed later, get it fixed in time and save any future hassle.

3.      Appearance

The exterior of your house is the first impression that your visitors get when they visit your home. No matter how well-maintained the interior of your house is, if you fail to maintain the exterior, you will leave a bad first impression. Sinking concrete, structural cracks, and uneven concrete surfaces are not pleasing to look at. By getting concrete lifting done, you are not only improving the overall look of your property but are also delivering a great first impression.

4.      Value of Your Property

The better you maintain your property, the more valuable it will be. When you put up your house for sale, the first thing the potential buyer will see is your driveway. As we said earlier, if your driveway is uneven and cracked, it is going to devalue your property or even result in a failed deal. However, getting concrete lifting done will maintain the much-needed curb appeal.

5.      Structural Damage

Concrete settling doesn’t only have to do with the appearance of your property. When a concrete slab settles, it results in the settling of the structures connected to the slab as well, including the doors and windows. This can cause damage to the foundations, make the doors unstable, and may even lead to water problems.


Concrete lifting is important to maintain the value and curb appeal of your property and ensure there are no tripping hazards due to the uneven surfaces that are the result of concrete settling.