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Key Benefits of Concrete Lifting

Also known as mudjacking, concrete lifting is a popular procedure that involves the leveling of an uneven concrete surface. The need for concrete lifting usually arises when a concrete slab starts to become uneven. Property owners often experience concrete becoming rough and irregular as the surface gets old or develops cracks and crevices.

Even though concrete lifting is a large-scale project, it entails tons of benefits. In this article, we’ll focus on discussing why concrete leveling is a great choice for homeowners with a cracked, sunken, or irregular surface.

1. Rapid Procedure

Mudjacking or slabjacking is a fast, convenient procedure with projects hardly taking an hour or so. Depending on the number of workers, their proficiency, and the scale of the project, the leveling of concrete can quickly be done, leaving behind no dirt, dust, or any sort of waste. Unlike most construction work, mudjacking is clean and rapid.

2. Minimum Destruction

With concrete leveling, there’s little to no risk of potential damages to your property as there’s no involvement of heavy machinery. In mudjacking businesses, trucks are used to carry new slab material. These vehicles are parked on the road, minimizing the possible damage to your yard. Drilling is also done away from your landscape. Necessary safety precautions are taken to avoid any plausible danger.

3. Lower Labor Cost

Slabjacking is cost-effective than any of its alternatives. It’s also a great option to choose over concrete replacements. All you have to do is hire a mudjacking business. They will send down their team of workers who, with the help of their specialized skills, will tear down the damaged slab, stabilize the base, and install a new slab in place. Even though these activities involve a lot of time, effort, and workers, it will result in an enhanced structured – all of which at a lower labor cost.

4. Neat and Smooth Process

Unlike concrete replacements, slabjacking includes drilling a bunch of tiny holes in the damaged slab through which limestone aggregate is pumped to help level the concrete. This leaves very little noticeable proof of any repair work done. 

5. Offer Solid Ground Support

Mudjacking requires pumping slurry cement into holes to level the concrete. Once the leveling material dries out, it leaves the ground surface strong and solid.  You can walk on the even concrete surface once again without feeling it’s been repaired.


When the concrete surface becomes rough and uneven, it becomes unattractive. Instead of considering an expensive procedure like concrete replacements, slabjacking is a much better alternative. Utah Concrete Lifting is well-known for its concrete leveling – an eco-friendly method to solve problems of an uneven path, sidewalk, and the likes.