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curb lifting utah repair

Nowadays, curb lifting is becoming the most frequent home upgrading project in Utah and most homeowners want to get their home lifted. Home lifting projects are normally done by specialists from the Concrete Lifting Utah Company.

Their services are cost effective and of quality standards. There are a couple of things you need to do when you are ready to raise your home. These include; asking for references and running a background check to know the credibility of the company you have decided to use.

When you think of raising your home, never decide to use a particular contractor when you have not done any background search or check.

Quality Materials

Use quality materials to raise your house. For wood houses, it’s difficult to get excellent quality timber for restumping a home. However, steel posts are used nowadays but you need some preparation for the post to be put in place. The quality of the raising or stumping material determines the standard of the job done. The truth is you may need to do some small preparatory work. For example, if you have decided to use steel, the steel has to be treated to protect it from rust and erosion, after installation.

To prevent the steel from decay, first, galvanize the steel with a great amount of enamel to prevent it from moisture.  Enamel is only applied to the section of the steel that will in the ground (8-10inchs above the ground).

For extra protection, apply a good amount of black tar over the enamel when it has dried. Although the enamle can penetrate and seal the steel better, the tar provides better protection to the steel than the enamel when it’s in contact with stones, earth, and concrete.


Quality Tools

Always use the right tools to get the raising process done rightly. Never use shortcuts when it involves raising or re-stumping. A professional contracting company like the Concrete Lifting Utah Company offers raising and re-stumping services in Utah. This company provides both the expertise and quality tools that are required in performing laborious jobs like house lifting.

These tools are very expensive so you will need to rent them from the company you have decided to hire for the job.   Restumping and curb lifting specialist in Utah who are experts in lifting houses have all the tools required for the job.  Once the job is done properly, the curb appeal of your home improves greatly.