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Concrete Lifting- How Long Does It Last?

Many people question how long concrete lifting lasts. However, this depends on a variety of factors.

The one thing that must be kept in mind is that when you choose concrete lifting and leveling to deal with sunken concrete, you will save loads of money in the future. We all know how costly it is to tear out and relay slabs, so concrete lifting is essential if you’re looking to keep your budget intact.

Why Concrete Lifting is Essential

Concrete lifting helps deal with issues that make the concrete sink. It is usually needed when the area underneath the slab has not been compacted properly during the time it was laid or if water has eroded the land. Concrete can also sink when the slab was installed in an area where the land was inclined, causing it to slip.

Within five to seven years of construction, concrete lifting may become necessary. This is also true when soil conditions start to change. It is important that this issue be addressed as soon as possible as it is a tripping hazard. It can also cause sudden water damage to foundations.

For concrete lifting, all you have to do is inject some material into the concrete. This helps build up the soil in a way that repairs damage. However, never get involved in DIY concrete lifting, as this can end up costing more in the long run.

How to Ensure that Concrete Lifting Lasts Long

When concrete lifting, you must ensure that the soil is not loaded with organic matter, as this can cause problems with stabilization in the long run. Drain the land properly and get rid of any broken pipes and surface cracks. Remember that if any erosion occurs in the future, it will affect the soil.

Moreover, check your drainage system and see if there are any breakages that need to be repaired underground. If you find any cracks on the surface of the land, fill them up. Gutters and downspouts cause water to seep into the ground, especially after a storm. Make sure that your gutter works efficiently enough to carry water far away from the foundation of your home. This will prevent it from seeping into the concrete nearby.

Concrete lifting is a long-term solution which means that you will not have to get it done any time again soon. However, this is only true if you follow the rules correctly.


We all know how expensive new concrete is. However, in comparison, concrete lifting only costs 1/3 or ½ of it. This means that regardless of whether you want to work on a residential or commercial building, you will be saving loads of money.

Moreover, concrete lifting does not take too much time. It keeps the surrounding landscaping and features of the garden in place without destroying anything. So, why should you invest in new concrete when concrete lifting works perfectly? Call us today for a quote, and let’s get started!