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What Is Concrete Lifting?

What is concrete lifting

Does a part of your concrete driveways or floors sag over time or by sudden pressure? Before they become large sinkholes and potentially dangerous for you, it is better to find a solution for this. People usually think that concrete sagging is due to bad quality materials or not good and compact constructions. To some…

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What is Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting?

Gardner Outside the House

Is the concrete that sits beneath your house in a state of disrepair? Problems with your home’s foundation can cause significant harm to the structure of your home. Foundation problems can be terrifying, and you likely have a lot of concerns about them, whether you already own the property or are thinking about purchasing it.…

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The Benefits of Concrete Lifting

Benefits of Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is a process that can improve the appearance of your concrete surfaces while also providing other benefits. Using this process, you can restore concrete slabs and surfaces to their original condition without replacing them. In addition, concrete lifting can also help to reduce moisture infiltration and increase the strength and longevity of your…

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All You Need to Know About Concrete Lifting

What is concrete lifting

Are your basement floors or pathways in the driveway sinking? This is because they are now uneven and in need of leveling. Concrete lifting is the right repair solution to work on uneven surfaces. Adding another material under the main surface can lift the sagging part. However, if this happens in your house or property,…

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Five Services Offered by a Professional Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor

Every household comes across the need for concrete lifting once in a while. Whether you have a sinking driveway, an unlevelled sidewalk, or an unfixed pool deck, you may need the services of a concrete contractor. The applications of a concrete lifter lie in commercial and residential settings. While this may be true, you may need to ensure…

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Advantages of Concrete Landscaping

Benefits of having concrete landscaping

Concrete is one of the most popular material choices for commercial and residential landscaping. Concrete landscaping adds eye-catching appeal and an attractive look to your house and lasts for a long time. Concrete contractors offer landscaping options in multiple colors, finishes, and designs and to add versatility to your house – so no more dull, gray concrete…

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How Does Mudjacking Help in Concrete Lifting and Leveling?

Benefits of mudjacking for leveling and lifting concrete

Sinking concrete can be blamed on poor drainage, soil conditions, soil compaction, and tree roots. The soil just beneath the concrete slabs must be strong enough to bear the weight on top to prevent the concrete from sinking in. Concrete sinking is a common occurrence and it is usually treated by a technique called mud jacking.…

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Tips for Concrete Maintenance in Utah

Cracks in concrete

Concrete is one of the most durable materials in the world, with superior resistance to outdoor elements and extreme weather events. However, much like other natural materials, it is not invincible by any means. The regular damage from wear and tear, lack of maintenance, and even acts of vandalism can take a toll on concrete…

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What is Mudjacking? Everything You Need to Know

what mudjacking is

If you are searching for mudjacking, it is safe to assume that you are dealing with an uneven concrete slab and need to repair it as soon as possible. The old technique of repairing uneven slabs involved a lot of time and effort. You had to replace the slab with a new one, wait for…

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5 Signs that Your Utah Concrete Needs Inspection and Repair

Utah concrete repairs

As a homeowner, you need to take care of multiple things around the house. Concrete surfaces might seem like the least of your problem as they rarely require repairs, but we miss the signs that they require immediate attention. Many surfaces of your home, such as the patio, driveway, or garage, are made up of…

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