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5 Signs that Your Utah Concrete Needs Inspection and Repair

As a homeowner, you need to take care of multiple things around the house. Concrete surfaces might seem like the least of your problem as they rarely require repairs, but we miss the signs that they require immediate attention. Many surfaces of your home, such as the patio, driveway, or garage, are made up of concrete.

Concrete is preferred because it is tough and lasts for years, but it is also exposed to extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, thunderstorms, and more that can damage and wear it down. There are many signs that show you need concrete repairs in Utah; let’s find out what they are.

Uneven Surface

One of the biggest signs that you need Utah concrete repairs is an uneven surface. If you notice uneven concrete surfaces on your driveway or wall, it means the job wasn’t done properly. It could be either because of poor construction work or exposure to extreme weather conditions. It is important to contact Utah concrete professionals to inspect the surface in both cases. If immediate action is not taken, it could lead to further damage and crumbling that can be hazardous.

Cracks on Concrete

Another sign that your concrete needs repairs is the appearance of cracks on the surface. Cracks appear due to fluctuating weather conditions. For example, if your area experiences dry, hot weather followed by long periods of rain, then the soil underneath the concrete expands and contracts, causing the soil to shift and cracks to appear.

If you notice concrete cracks, it’s best to contact a Utah concrete professional for inspection and repairs.

Water Pooling

Another reason concrete is preferred is that it allows natural drainage. If you notice water pooling around your concrete, this means the water is not draining properly. If not addressed immediately, the standing water can wear down your concrete, cause more damage, and decrease its lifespan.

Concrete surfaces are coated with a waterproof layer upon installation, but they can sustain wear and tear over time due to extreme weather conditions, so keep an eye out.


Like cracks, potholes are also caused when the soil underneath the concrete contracts and expands due to the changing weather conditions. But unlike cracks, potholes are more dangerous and need to be immediately repaired as they can cause serious harm to vehicles running over the weak surface.

Aged Appearance

Over the years, your concrete surface will be exposed to extreme weather conditions, resulting in cracks and potholes. It also takes on a worn-out look and appears faded and shabby, which is not pleasing to the eye. Thus, it’s best to contact Utah concrete repairs professional to inspect and get the job done.

Other signs that show you need concrete repairs include sinking doors, peeling wallpaper, cracks on interior walls, and more. These signs are a major indicator that your concrete needs immediate attention and repair.

Since experience and expertise are required for Utah concrete repairs, it’s best to find professional concrete service providers and get a quote from multiple companies and see their previous work. The process is also a bit expensive, so set a budget and choose a company accordingly.