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3 Signs That You Need to Get a Concrete Pool Deck Leveling Job Done

A swimming pool on your property is nothing less than a blessing. Any time you feel like jumping into the pool, all you have to do is step out in your yard, and off you go. Not only does having a swimming pool at your property increase the value of your property, but it also opens doors to endless entertainment options – poolside BBQ, pool party, and the likes!

However, as great of an addition as an in-property swimming pool is, it also comes with the added responsibility of making the poolside a safe place. One of the many risk factors that homeowners often miss out on is an un-leveled concrete pool deck. Not only does a sunken pool deck look ugly, but it also poses a serious trip hazard. If you’ve got children around, it is an even more serious threat. We’ve listed down some of the most prominent signs that you need to get a pool deck leveling job done soon so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sound!

1.     Cracks

If you see any cracks on your concrete pool deck, that’s when you need to raise your guard. Cracks on concrete surfaces are never a good sign. If the cracks are fairly deep, they may be due to a serious underlying issue. This also means that you should look to get it fixed right away. A pool deck leveling job will fix the problem quite well. Not only will it cover the cracks, but it will also lift the sunken concrete surface and give your pool deck a fresh look.

2.     Stained and Discolored Pool Deck

While a stained and discolored pool deck doesn’t pose any safety risks, it sure looks ugly and unattractive, affecting the overall aesthetics of your property. If the concrete pool deck doesn’t appear cracked on sunken, but it is just discolored, you may not have to opt for concrete lifting, but rather, concrete surfacing. Concrete surfacing will give your concrete pool deck a much better appearance that will uplift the look of your poolside and your property.

3.     Flaking

If your concrete pool deck has started to flake, that is, losing bits and pieces from its surface, you need to do something about it fast. Not only does a flaked concrete surface feels coarse against your feet but it also poses a serious trip hazard. If the flakes are only superficial, you might not need concrete lifting services. However, if they’re deep enough to make the concrete surface appear unleveled and ugly, a concrete pool deck lifting job needs to be done right away!


The need for a concrete pool deck leveling job is often overlooked by most homeowners. If the concrete surfaces aren’t repaired or leveled on time, they have a massive impact on the aesthetics and pose a serious trip hazard. If you want to ensure that your poolside stays a safe and fun place, make sure that your concrete pool deck is leveled and smooth. Having a reliable concrete professional do the job will further ensure that the job is done right.