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pool deck lifting leveling utah

You may wonder how much you need to spend to repair your concrete pool deck cracks or sinks. You may be bordered if your pool will last or damaged during the deck destruction. You don’t need to have such worries when you hire experienced professionals from Concrete Lifting Utah to do your pool repair work for you. However, before you hire our services, you need to have a general idea on pool deck and repair.

What is the cause of pool deck damage?

Soil settlement following installation is the most frequent problem that results in pool deck damage.  After first excavating the pool site, the pool is installed and backfill is placed around edges. When the soil on the surface on which the concrete deck is installed is not compressed enough to carry the weight of the building material or is constantly in use, it results in pool deck damage.

Normally, after some period of about 10years, soil settles as air holes underneath the concrete are released. This may result in the deck gradually developing a slope or the deck may drop apparently quickly. If the deck lowers, the concrete can fracture.

Shrinkage may also cause the concrete pool deck to crack.  During the process of concrete pouring, water may evaporate. When excess water is present in the mix, loss in volume pulls the concrete apart during the drying period. Also, exposure to frequent freeze/thaw cycles during winter can cause cracks, due to frequent expansion and contraction of water.


Safety risks resulting from pool deck damage

When your pool is surrounded by an irregular cracked deck, the pool is not only unattractive, but it may pose a safety risk. Most frequently, lifted slabs and large cracks can trigger a hazard that may not be noticed until after an injury takes places. Pool decks are constructed in a sloppy manner, to direct water away from the edge to reduce slippery conditions.

Slanted, irregular slabs can increase the chances of injurious slip because of pooling water. Pool deck damage shouldn’t be ignored because injuries around a pool are more severe and can result in drowning.


Pool Deck Lifting and Leveling Process

The pool deck lifting and leveling process is an efficient, method of combating the effects of settling and cracking.  During lifting, a small hole is created in the sunken slab and a device is introduced that pumps the grout underneath the fixture. The material props up the slab and reinstates it to its original level. The grout solidifies and stabilizes the deck, preventing further sinking. When the surface is leveled, cracks are then sealed and the fix solution is stained to match the deck's finish. Concrete lifting is better than excavation solution to your damage pool deck because it’s cheaper, faster and less risky.

Our company “Concrete Lifting Utah” has a team of professionally trained experts who have the world’s expertise in providing a better solution to your pool deck, at an affordable rate.