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Five Services Offered by a Professional Concrete Contractor

Every household comes across the need for concrete lifting once in a while. Whether you have a sinking driveway, an unlevelled sidewalk, or an unfixed pool deck, you may need the services of a concrete contractor. The applications of a concrete lifter lie in commercial and residential settings. While this may be true, you may need to ensure that you seek services from an experienced professional.

What is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting is making repairs to an unlevelled or sinking patch of ground in houses or commercial areas. The contractors typically drill holes in the ground to inject grout under the affected areas to fill the gaps caused over the years. This technique helps to recover the sunken patch back to its original position.

Services to Expect from a Concrete Contractor

There are several services categorized under concrete repairing. You can call your nearby contractor to assist you with ground leveling and repairing in multiple areas of your house. Let’s have a look at the primary services offered by concrete lifters.

Driveway Lifting Assistance

As the name suggests, driveway lifting services focus on repairing the sinking patches of your house’s driveway. The ground engineers use methods like mud-jacking to pump mud under the patches. The technique helps to restore the ground level to its original position. Once the level restores, the technicians seal the patch to hold it in place.

Concrete Repair Services

If you are tired of seeing cracks on your concrete walls or floors, you can seek help from concrete lifting companies in your area. Although concrete is a tough and durable material, it can lose its structure over the years, causing the surface to crack. Concrete repair services help you restore the refined surface of your floors and walls.

Concrete Levelling Services

Concrete leveling is a technique used to level a concrete surface. The walls of a building can lose their uniform level over the years. This may be due to faulty construction or natural disasters like earthquakes. By seeking help from a concrete contractor, you can restore the concrete surface level without reconstructing it.

Patio Lifting Assistance

Patios are mainly constructed with pavements. These pavements can lose their structure and become hollow over the years. It is essential to repair them to avoid any physical injuries. By hiring professional ground engineers, you can fix your patio pavers. If you want to lift the level of your patio, the contractor’s crew can raise the pavement level as per your preference.

Pool Deck Lifting Services

Swimming pools are often at the risk of leveling problems. This is primarily due to the soil settlement after installing the pool. The pool deck can receive cracks and lose its structure in this process. Although it is a concrete structure, you can have it repaired. Concrete lifters use filling materials around the damaged edges of the pool to restore its level.

If you want to seek any of the services mentioned above for your home, you can reach out to one of your area’s many professional concrete repair companies.