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All You Need to Know About Concrete Lifting

Are your basement floors or pathways in the driveway sinking? This is because they are now uneven and in need of leveling. Concrete lifting is the right repair solution to work on uneven surfaces. Adding another material under the main surface can lift the sagging part. However, if this happens in your house or property, you must find concrete levelers immediately. Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of concrete lifting and the role of the lifters.

What is Concrete Lifting?

There could be some sagging points in the backyard, basement, or patio paths that you may notice. To level uneven areas up, you need a solution known as concrete lifting. The repair technique is called mud jacking, slab jacking, or poly jacking. Instead of changing the entire slabs, a material can be injected to lift it.

Types Of Materials

  • Polyurethane.
  • A mixture of Portland cement and sand, also known as mud.

Steps involved in Concrete Lifting

You may think some heavy machines will come over and repair your concrete, but no the repair is simple; that may require some days to dry, but no machinery like that is involved. The concrete lifter will use the following steps:

  1. Drill holes in the area that needs attention.
  2. Installation of injection ports in the pits created.
  3. Time to inject the material you want to uplift the ground; it could be polyurethane or mud.
  4. The contractor then patches up the holes on the ground.

Polyurethane foam dries faster than the mud, so it is better to use that.

Benefits of Concrete Lifting

Cost Friendly

The whole repair, including the price of material and the paid labor, costs less than installing an entire floor or breaking and making a new path.

No Extra Equipment Required

The only machine required is a drill to make holes in the ground. Unlike repouring a slab where heavy machinery and different mixers are used to renovate a single floor, this is time-saving and requires no heavy equipment.

More Support for Floors

One of the benefits of concrete lifting is that the material used in it is durable and has the strength to support the ground from beneath. Both the mud and the polyurethane foam are excellent materials for concrete lifting. Since they are hidden in the foundations, it won’t affect the surface’s aesthetics.

Invisible to All

Installing a new slab will have fresh color and is likely to stand out among all the other slabs, so it is better to repair the ground at a foundation level so no one would notice a difference.

It is possible if you identify the need to lift in time before the floor is cracked and damaged so that even a concrete lift cannot save it.


Always hire a concrete lifting company with experience, good customer reviews, and a repair warranty.