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patio lifting leveling utah

Most frequently our patios are constructed with pavers, which also need regular maintenance to make them be always attractive. Apart from making them attractive, we may injure ourselves when we stumble on them.

The repairing process

To repair or raise pavers, we need to first identify sagging areas where water collects and form a pool. Void spaces under pavers are usually caused by water from the hose and rain, eroding earth and sand below the paver foundation, creating a hollow space.

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How is Patio / Paver lifting done?

When a pool is formed, the sagging areas under the pavement widen faster, since the rate of water drainage under the pavers increases.  

During repair, the hollow spaces under the pavers have to be fill and stabilized, prior to leveling the pavers.

For this to be done, the sagging pavers are first removed, and the hollow spaces are filled with foundation material.  This step is followed by tamping or packing of foundation material of about 2inches from the bottom of the existing pavers. Once this has been done, the remaining 2inches are filled with sand and tamped to level to be in line with the bottom of the existing pavers. The removed pavers are then replaced.  

After fixing any sagging areas, select pavers that are sitting higher or lower than the nearby pavers.  Use a rubber mallet to force the pavers into its right position and the level it. If the paver is higher than the existing paver after fitting reduce the sand below the paver. If its low add sand until it‘s at the same level with existing pavers. A paver removal tool or a pry bar can be used to carefully remove pavers

Once you remove pavers to be replaced, apply sand to raise the areas before you proceed. To reduce the number of bugs living and boring under your pavers, pressure washing of pavers will clean its surface and reduce the quantity of organic material between the pavers.

To inspect if the amount of soil below the pavers is sufficient, inspect the joints of the pavers.  Once you realize that the sand below the joint surface is greater than ¼ inch, use paver sand to re-send the pavers to lift it. You can get your sandbags at an affordable rate at concrete lifting Utah Company.

To re-sand, spread sand over the pavers and sweep the sand too and forth at an angle of 45 degrees from the joint line until the top of the joint surface is filled between to a depth of ¼th or 1/8 inches.   

Once you have adjusted your paver, continuously fill and re-send to when necessary. When pavers are properly sealed, they are protected from staining and the joints of the pavers are harden, fastening your pavers in place and preventing weeds from growing between.

To avoid haze formation resulting from moisture can be avoided by using sealers of high quality. Strip existing sealers before applying new sealer, once you notice the formation of haze on the surface of pavers.

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