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3 Reasons to Use Concrete for Commercial Construction

People often underestimate how valuable concrete construction can be for commercial and industrial jobs. There are many reasons why concrete is the most used manmade material around the globe: cost-effective, low maintenance, durable, strong, easy installation, and quick. It is quite rare to find cases where concrete is not really the preferable material to use for construction. You are probably already convinced that concrete for commercial construction is the best route to take; however, if you are still unsure, we have outlined three more reasons why commercial owners should choose concrete construction.

1. Concrete Construction Firms Ensure American Jobs

Construction and repair work for commercial concrete is known to have amazing job security because of its popularity throughout America. In 2017, the United States produced 85 million tons of Portland concrete and 2.4 million tons of masonry cement. And of course, all of that cement work requires reliable and experienced hands to work and lay. 30% of all highways in the US are also made with concrete, which may need the occasional maintenance, ensuring cement contractors stay busy. Commercial owners will be encouraging American labor when they choose cement, especially since the cement is also produced in America.

2. High Reliability: You Can’t Go Wrong with Cement!

Concrete is the easiest to maintain out of most materials. It only needs a little maintenance once in a blue moon if it receives a lot of high traffic and harsh weather conditions that cause wear and tear. Concrete is a quite hardy material that can take quite a few punches without any hassle. Did you know that the oldest strip of manmade concrete has been dated back to 500 BC? This proves that concrete has the ability to last for quite some time. If you get a reliable concrete contractor like Utah Concrete Lifting, you can rest assured that you will be getting reliable concrete for commercial construction.

3. Concrete Continues Strong for Longer

Commercial owners will be pleased to note that concrete actually keeps getting stronger as time passes (don’t worry; it starts off pretty strong too). The most common concrete is Portland cement which is a mixture of stucco, mortar, concrete, and grout. The mix is put through a hydration process that binds the cement with water, creating a rock-like, hard mass. Over time, as it rains and water reaches the cement, the process is repeated several times as concrete ages. This means that concrete gets stronger and stronger. On average, the strength is measured at 300 pounds per square inch (psi), but it can actually reach 20,000 psi. You won’t find this kind of reliability or ongoing long-term strength in other construction materials.

If you need a cement contractor team that knows what it’s doing when it comes to concrete for commercial construction, choose Utah Concrete Lifting. They have years of experience with a trained team that can ensure your new construction lasts you a long time.